An L.P.A. or a Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal agreement for the Donee to appoint another person to make decisions for you on your behalf should you become incapable of doing so yourself.

There are two types of L.P.A:

  1. A Health and Welfare L.P.A; this allows for decisions to be made on your behalf concerning how you should be looked after and the medical treatment you should receive.

  2. A Financial L.P.A: this allows your appointee to look after your financial affairs for you.

When should I consider using a L.P.A?

Consider using a L.P.A. if you feel that you may lose mental capacity or the ability to communicate your wishes. 

You may wish to use only one of the L.P.A.'s e.g. Health and Welfare or both L.P.A's - the choice is yours.

Consider carefully which powers you wish to transfer to your appointee and who you would like that appointee to be. They will be making decisions for you and therefore should be someone whom you trust, has understanding of your circumstances and able to make informed choices.  You remain in control of your own affairs until you either lose mental capacity or the ability to communicate and you can choose which treatment and medical choices you would like included within your L.P.A.

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A Will Avoids Intestacy

If you do not have a Will your estate falls into  intestacy
You won't have a say on how your estate will be distributed.
And people may benefit who you would rather did not resulting in your loved ones losing out.

There are lots of Will Writers, but only one dedicated.

Making a valid Will is the best way to protect your loved ones.

A Will is cheaper and quicker than intestacy.

A Will gives you control over your estate

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