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Not everybody wants or needs a consultation when making a Will. Sometimes people don't have time to sit and discuss what will happen to their estate and sometimes people just don't want to take about dying.

But preparing a Will even if it is a simple Will is a necessity. You simply can't rely on the government to distribute your estate the way you would like.

On-line Wills are a great compromise to a traditional Will wrote through consultation. You simply answer the questions on the form and a professional Will Writer will draft your Will.

Unlike other online services, our Wills are not computer generated, but are wrote by a qualified professional. This way changes can be made before your final draft.

Writing a Will with our online form is an affordable option to the traditional consultation.

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Dedicated Wills


A Will Avoids Intestacy

If you do not have a Will your estate falls into  intestacy
You won't have a say on how your estate will be distributed.
And people may benefit who you would rather did not resulting in your loved ones losing out.

There are lots of Will Writers, but only one dedicated.

Making a valid Will is the best way to protect your loved ones.

A Will is cheaper and quicker than intestacy.

A Will gives you control over your estate

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